Super Electronic Components: Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor Kit + Diode Kit + LED KIT + Transistor Kit + Resistor Kit

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AFN 3,000
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1. F5MM LED kit: 100 LED assorted kits: White 5mm 20pcs 3V-3.2V 20mA;Red 5mm 20pcs 1.8V-2V 20mA;Graham 5mm 20pcs 1.8V-2V 20mA; Yellow 5mm 20pcs 2V-2.3V 20mA; Blue 5mm 20pcs 3 V-3.2V 20mA
2. F3MM LED Kit:White 3mm 20pcs 3V-3.2V 20mA;Red 3mm 20pcs 1.8V-2V 20mA;Greem 3mm 20pcs 1.8V-2V 20mA; Yellow 3mm 20pcs 2V-2.3V 20mA; Blue 3mm 20pcs 3 V-3.2V 20mA
3. Metal film resistor kit:600 pieces of 30 value metal film resistor kit 10R-1M resistor package 0.25W1%|; 10R 22R 47R 100R 150R 300R 220R 270R 330R 470R; 510R 680R 1K 2K 2.2 thousand 3.3K ; 4.7 thousand 5.1 thousand 6.8 thousand 10K; 20K 47K 51K 68K 100K 220K 330K 47 million 68 million 1M
4. Electrolytic capacitor kit: 50V 1UF x 10; 50V 10UF x 10; 50V 2.2UF X 10; 50V 3.3UF X 10; 50V 4.7UF X 10; 25V 22UF x 10; 25V 33UF X 10 ;25V 47UF x 10; 16V 100UFX 10; 16V 220UFX 10; 16V 330UFX 10; 16V 470UFX 10
5. Diode kit: 25 x 1N4148 switch signal diode DO-35; 25 x 1N4007 1A 1000V rectifier diode DO-41; 10 x 1N5819 1A 40V Schottky diode DO-41; 10 x 1N5399 1.5A 1000V 4.8W rectifier diode DO-15; 10 x FR107 fast recovery diode FR107 1A 1000V DO-41;10 x FR207 2A 1000V fast recovery diode DO-41;5 x 1N5408 Diode Rectifier 3.0 Amp 1000V DO- 201AD; 5 x 1N5822 40V 3A Schottky diode DO-201AD

Ceramic capacitor kit:
2pF 3pF 5pF 10pF 15pF 22pF
30pF 33pF 47pF 68pF 75pF 82pF
100pF 150pF 220pF 330pF 470pF 680pF
1nF 1.5nF 2.2nF 3.3nF 4.7nF 6.8nF
10nF 15nF 22nF 47nF 68nF 100nF
Every 10
Transistor kit
10xS9012 TRANS PNP 20V 0.5A TO-92
10xS9013 TRANS NPN 20V 0.5A TO-92
10xS9014 TR -TO-92
10xS9015 TRANS PNP 45V 0.1A TO-92
10xS9018 Transistor RF NPN 30V 50MA TO-92
10xA1015 TRANS PNP 50V 0.15A TO-92
10xC1815 TRANS NPN 50V 0.15A TO-92
10xA42 TRANS NPN 300V 0.625A TO-92
10xA92 TRANS PNP 300V 0.3A TO-92
10xA733 TRANS PNP 50V 0.15A TO-92
10xC945 TRANS NPN 50V 0.15A TO-92
10xS8050 TRANS NPN 25V 0.5A TO-92
10xS8550 TRANS PNP 25V 1.5A TO-92
10x2N5401 transport PNP 150V 0.6A TO-92
10x2N5551 TRANS NPN 160V 0.6A TO-92
10x2N3904 TRANS NPN 40V 0.2A TO-92
10x2N3906 TRANS PNP 40V 0.2A TO92
10x2N2222 TRANS NPN 40V 0.6A TO-92
Material:Electronic component

Package Contents:
100 x F5MM LED kit
100 x F3MM LED kit
600 x 30 value metal film resistor kit
120 x electrolytic capacitor kit
300 x ceramic capacitor kit
100 x diode kit
180 x transistor kit

Only the above package content, other products are not included.
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